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Photologue: Dee’s Birthday at Pink Sumo in Westport, CT

Last week, we stopped by Pink Sumo to celebrate Dee’s birthday. Impressed with the sushi and sashimi at their Grand Opening event last December, we felt this was the perfect spot for a birthday feast.

Whenever we go to a great sushi restaurant, we order an Omakase, a series of dishes prepared by the chef, along with several pieces of sashimi and sushi. For Dee’s birthday, we kept with our tradition, and ordered some of Pink Sumo’s popular dishes. We also shared a bottle of Tengumai “Dancing Goblins,” a rich, food-friendly sake. Here’s a photologue of what we enjoyed.

Rock Shrimp

Miso Black Cod – grilled black cod, shitake mushrooms served with miso sauce
Selection of Oysters in different sauces
From left to right: Ponzu, Yuzu, Yuzu Kosho (spicy)
Live lobster with yuzu special sauce
Uni Scallop Carpaccio – sea urchin & sea scallops served with jalapeño sauce
It’s buttery and melts in your mouth.
Filet mignon with mushroom and zucchini
Lobster roll with avocado and eel

Sumo Boat for 1 – 10 pieces of sashimi, 5 pieces of sushi with a Bollywood roll

The presentation of every dish was beautiful, and every one of them was absolutely delicious. We got out of our comfort zone and tried new dishes, like the oysters, sea urchin and the raw lobster.

We highly recommend checking out Pink Sumo. Fresh fish, excellent service, and a great experience for any occasion.

Pink Sumo Sushi & Sake Café
4 Church Lane
Westport, CT
Tel: (203) 557-8080
Twitter: @PinkSumoCT

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