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Noodle Plus serves noodles and more

In the heart of White Plains is a small restaurant called Noodle Plus, serving up delicious dumplings, rice dishes, and noodles. You can easily walk past it, so keep a lookout for it. There are a few tables inside, and even during the off hours, you’ll see many folks slurping noodles or chowing on dumplings.

Items on their menu are priced under $13. Be sure to take advantage of their lunch specials. For $9, you can get an appetizer, entree and beverage.

The dumplings at Noodle Plus are delicious – from soup dumplings to pan-fried potstickers, they’ve got you covered with the classics. Be careful, they come steaming hot – you don’t want to burn your tongue.

If you want a little heat, opt for one of their curry dishes, available in 3 colors: green, yellow, and red. We tried the yellow curry with chicken (shown right) served with a scoop of steamed white rice. With thin slices of chicken and crisp vegetables, and a flavorful curry broth, it’ll clear up your sinuses and isn’t overwhelmingly spicy.

You can also get noodles dry or in a soup. From Thai classics like Pad Thai to Vietnamese Pho to Japanese Yakisoba, there are plenty of options.

Be sure to check the blackboard over the cashier. You might find awesome specials or the phrase “Miso Soup Noodle Is Here,” the next thing we’re going to try when we return.

Noodle Plus
245 Main St.
White Plains, NY 10601
Tel: (914) 948-4920/50

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