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Batten Ramen in Fort Lee, NJ

Finding a good ramen spot outside of NYC is hard. Fortunately, we discovered Batten Ramen in Fort Lee, NJ. You can warm up with a large bowl of soup starting at $8.50. Batten Ramen sells a variety of ramen bowls – their own Batten Ramen, Chanpon (seafood) Ramen, and the ususals – Miso and Shoyu Ramen – as well as curry dishes. Also available is non-alcoholic Kirin Free beer, a #1 seller in Japan.

Shoyu ramen

Our picks:

Shoyu Ramen, a chicken and seafood based soup with soy sauce and pork oil, with thick wavy egg noodles topped with 2 pieces of Chashu pork, fish cake, seaweed, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, scallion, and yuzu citrus. The broth almost tasted like bacon (nothing wrong with that). The noodles were cooked perfectly, al dente and slightly chewy. The Chashu pork is on the leaner side compared to other ramen places we’ve been too, but could be a little more tender.

Batten Ramen

Another delicious choice is the Batten Ramen, made with a pork bone-based soup and thin wheat noodles topped with Chashu pork, bamboo shoots, egg, kikurage, sesame and scallion. The cloudy broth is rich and flavorful. The noodles were also perfectly cooked.

If you come with a big appetite, add fried rice, or some gyoza to your meal for a couple bucks more, and you’ll walk out a happy camper.

Large portions. Quick service. Cash only.
Mondays are $2 off ramen.

Batten Ramen
2024 Center Ave
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Tel: (201) 461-5465

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