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Spice Up Your Food with Adoboloco

Vinegar is a common ingredient in Philippine cuisine. From making dishes like adobo or paksiw, to using it as a dipping sauce for fried fish, lumpia, or my favorite, lechon. I often make a dipping sauce of vinegar, chili peppers, garlic and crushed black pepper. My husband has his own concoction bottled up in our pantry: white vinegar, whole garlic gloves, whole peppercorns and sea salt. We douse up our weekend breakfasts with this stuff. Think bacon, eggs and rice with vinegar. And we love it.

Along came a brand called Adoboloco. Adoboloco sells Hawaii-made and produced hot sauces, spices, dry rubs and more. Their signature product is the Jalapeño Sauce. I discovered Adoboloco last Fall and have been hooked since then (and I’ll admit, I’ve stopped making my dipping sauces and have spare bottles at the office desk). It’s a unique sauce that tastes great on just about anything. Pork and grilled chicken taste even better with this umami. This week, I tried their newest, and limited release sauce, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), in Heat Levels 1, 2 and 3.  Level 3 was my favorite – extra hot, but bearable, and most importantly, ono (Hawaiian for delicious).

I reached out to Adoboloco creator Tim Parsons to see what was brewin’ on Maui and to see what other flavors were coming out…

Aloha. How did the Jolokia concoction came about? Do you grow these peppers in your gardens? Was habañero not hot enough?

We wanted a hotter version but not so hot that it would kill your taste buds. I had been growing them and knew they had a great flavor in small doses so I started experimenting with them in the sauce. Habanero is hot enough and we’re in the process of making a straight Habeñero version, a lot of people love that pepper but in comparison I personally like the flavor of the Bhut Jolokia.

Have you experimented with other chili peppers?
Yes we’re currently working with Thai Chili, Habañero, and soon Trinidad Moruga Scorpions (waiting for them to grow). Our standards will be: Jalapeño, Thai Chili and Habañero.

Special limited releases will include: Jolokia and Trinidad Moruga.

What’s the next addition to the Adoboloco product line?
Besides the sauces we’ll eventually be making BBQ rubs and spice blends that we use in our cooking. We’ve also been working with Oven and Butter bakery in Honolulu. They use our Jalapeño Paste when making their Jalapeño Bread (with and without cheddar cheese).

So where can you buy Adoboloco? They’re sold in specialty stores in Hawaii, California, and New York. You can also purchase Adoboloco sauces online. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think.


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