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Wahoo’s Fish Taco opens in NYC

Wahoo’s Fish Taco just opened its first East Coast location this week. We’ve been waiting patiently for them to open since we found out last Fall. We’ve dined at the Wahoo’s Austin location last year, and have been craving their delicious fish tacos.

Rewind…what’s Wahoo’s? Wahoo’s is a restaurant chain that started in California back in ’88 by three brothers who loved surfing and great food. The fusion of Brazilian, Asian, and Mexican fare came about and eventually they opened restaurants throughout California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Texas, and now NYC.

Combo #2: Carne Asada Enchilada, Cajun White Beans, Ahi Rice, Grilled Fish Taco

Today we stopped by to satisfy our fish taco craving. There was long line of at least 50 people waiting to place a lunch order on their second opening day. Friendly Wahoo folks explained the concept of ‘how to Wahoo’ to the “Wahoo-virgins.” And for those who don’t know:

Step 1: make your meal a bowl or a combo
Step 2: choose a filling
Step 3: pick a side

There are also other items on the menu like burritos, enchiladas, soups, salads and more. So many options, and none cost no more than $10.25

Here’s what we recommend: get a combo, like the #2 two tacos or enchiladas (we mixed it up with one of each). Their fish tacos are great here. It’s not shredded pieces of it, but whole chunks of wild caught fish (either Wahoo or Mahi Mahi) that is either grilled or served Cajun style. The Carne Asada is another great choice with tender pieces of grilled marinated steak. The sauteed Polynesian shrimp is an excellent choice too. Well, you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Oh, and you must try the Cajun White Beans.

Combo #2: Shrimp Enchilada, Cajun White Beans, Ahi Rice, Cajun Fish Taco

Thirsty? They’ve got the usual soft drinks and a bar area that serves 6 beers on tap, including Negro Modelo, Shock Top, Kelso (from Brooklyn), Harpoon, as well as a selection of cocktails like Margaritas garnished with pieces of cactus.

Happy Hour runs from 12-7 with drinks priced up to $5. They’ve also got a bunch of island drinks available for $7, like the Makaha Mojito, made with Bacardi rum, lemon lime flavors, and mint, or the Brody’s Bon Fire Margarita, a mix of Sauza, Triple Sec, Wahoo’s Sweet & Sour, Jalapeño and Tapatio hot sauce.

Overall, a great dining experience. For a moment we didn’t feel like we were in NYC anymore with the ambiance, pleasant staff, and the beachy/skater decor. We’ve finally got our go-to place for slammin’ fish tacos. What can we say, we love da kine grinds.

Wahoo’s Fish Taco
333 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10010
Tel: (212) 466-3330
Twitter: @WahoosFishTaco

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