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NYC: Qi Bangkok Eatery

Credit: Qi Restaurant

Qi (pronounced: “Chee”) is a great Thai restaurant just west of Times Square. When I was invited to join a couple friends for dinner at Qi I was a bit skeptical. Good food in Times Square. Is this a tourist trap?

Believe it or not. The food is excellent. The prices are great, especially for the quality of the food you get. And it just looks so pretty inside with the white décor.

The menu is divided in two sections: Bangkok Classic menu and the Bangkok Selection by Pichet Ong, a well known pastry chef.

The appetizers at Qi are delicious. There’s so much to try so I’d recommend trying the Assorted Fritters which comes with crispy chicken-shrimp dumplings, Asian chive corn dumplings spring rolls, sesame tofu and blanket shrimps. Served w/ peanut sweet chili sauce. All are delicious, but the best is the sesame tofu.

My favorite entrée was the King Fish Teh–Pho Tumeric Curry. It’s a big piece of fried king fish served in a clay pot with spinach, onions, napa cabbage, and lemongrass in a tumeric coconut curry. I’ve had king fish plenty of times – usually fried drizzled with soy sauce and over rice, but this is a new take I’m glad I’ve tried.

The Steamed Ginger Chilean Sea Bass in a cast iron pot is another excellent dish to try. Glass vermicelli, bok choy, napa cabbages, celery, Chinese broccoli and shitake mushrooms in
house soy sauce.

For dessert, I highly recommend the Coconut Mousse Cake (pineapple confit, cinnamon, rum milk, toasted coconut) or if you prefer something rich and savory, try the Chocolate Hazelnut Dome (Ovaltine glaze, chocolate chili ganache, macaroon crust, salted bark).

Qi also has another location near Union Square, but I’ve heard from several people that this is better.

Qi Bangkok Eatery
675 Eighth Ave
New York, NY 10036
Tel: (212) 247-8991

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