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Montréal: Les 3 Brasseurs

Les 3 Brasseurs has four locations in Montréal. I stopped by the Old Montréal location just to check out what they had to offer. As like most restaurants on the busy street of Rue St-Paul E, there were a ton of people, mostly tourists. I wasn’t expecting much but a cold glass of beer was in order.

Les 3 Brasseurs brews 5 beers on site: White (4.7% alcohol), Blonde (5.2%), Amber (6.2%), Brown (4.8%), and a special brew which varies. You can either get them by the 1/2 pint, pint, litre, or pitcher. If you’re getting a pitcher, you can ask for a small sample of beer to help you decide. After trying a couple, we decided to order a pitcher of Amber for $13.50 CAD. A pitcher is 1.5 litres, enough to share a round with 3 people.

I’ll admit I’m not good at describing the taste of beer, so I’ll cheat and quote Les 3 Brasseurs:

A vibrant beer that leaves a fine, delicate aftertaste. Brewed with a special blend of pale malts, with a high alcohol content.

Not as strong as a Belgian beer, but good enough to get the night started.

Les 3 Brasseurs also sells typical bar food, but one thing worth trying is the Escargots à Lille, $7.99, made with bacon, garlic butter, white wine and melted cheese. I’ll admit I was turned off by the cheese listed as an ingredient, but it was pretty good. I was tempted to order another one, but decided to hold off because I had plans to eat elsewhere.


Overall, the food and beer is okay. The service could be better. And, boy, the place sure does get rowdy.

Les 3 Brasseurs
105 Rue St-Paul E
Montreal, QC H2Y
Tel: (514) 788-6100

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