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NYC: Num Pang Sandwich Shop Midtown

If you’re looking for a sandwich that packs a punch, head to Num Pang, a Cambodian sandwich shop, in either the Union Square area, or in Midtown by Murray Hill. The latter location is the second sandwich shop, which recently opened in June. It’s much bigger and got some cool art on the walls – like the Num Pang chicken rockin’ a gold chain.

Anyway, Num Pang Midtown serves up excellent sandwiches just like the location in Union Square, at the same prices (from $7 to $9). The sandwiches are made with a protein (beef, pork, veal, etc.), sliced cucumber, shredded pickled carrots, cilantro, and chili mayo on semolina bread.  My favorites include the Hoisin Veal Meatballs for $7 and the Five-Spice Glazed Pork Belly for $7.75.

Off their seasonal menu is the Grilled Peaches sandwich, stuffed with strips of bacon, sauteed chives and jalapeño. Yup, like all their other sandwiches, this has quite some kick to it. I’ll admit I’m not a fan of peaches, but since this sandwich will only be on the menu until Labor Day, I had to give it a try. And besides, it got bacon in it! The peaches were grilled to perfection; the bacon added a nice balance to the sweetness of the peaches with its saltiness. Not to mention, the crunchiness of the cucumbers and pickled carrots, and the toasted bread from Parisi Bakery were all singing in harmony in my mouth. Would it be bad if I went back for another? I think the sandwich would be perfect if they slipped in a slice of pork belly. Or maybe it’s just me – I had pork belly for lunch today.

Seasonal Sandwich: Grilled Peaches

So if you’re in the area, do give the Grilled Peaches sandwich a try, or try any of their other sandwiches. Not in Midtown, check out the shop in Union Square on 12th St.

In other news, they’ll be serving breakfast soon…Can’t wait!

Num Pang
140 East 41st Street (between Third and Lexington Aves)
New York, NY
Tel: (212) 867-8889
Twitter: @NumPang

Mon – Fri 11am-9pm
Sat 12pm-9pm
Sun Closed

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  • Ajlounyinjurylaw

    Grilled peaches huh? I’m not too sure about that.

  • denise

    It wasn’t bad.