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Greenwich, CT: China White Noodle Bar

China White Noodle Bar is not your typical Chinese (-American) restaurant. This modern restaurant has a nice feel to it – small, but laid out right so that the chi flows throughout with white quilted walls, an open kitchen, eight lucky cats perched on a shelf overlooking the dining room, and dark furniture (and don’t forget the lazy susans which are built into the bigger tables).

Gulp. Entrées are priced from $22 to $39 (or $58 if you’re getting a whole Peking Duck). Keep in mind that the dishes are enough to share, and you’re also paying for organic vegetables, organic chicken, local raised pork, grass fed beef, organic silken tofu, wild caught fish and seafood, cage-free chicken eggs, and free range duck. Good quality food comes with a price.

I came with a craving for bao bao buns (what I typically get at posh Chinese restaurants, like Buddakan), so I tried 2 of the 3 available: Chinatown Roast Pork with honey-cilantro dipping sauce and the BBQ beef with basil, plum-garlic sauce. Both were delicious – lean pieces of meat layered with pickled radish nestled in a steamed bun.

Roast Pork Bao Bao Buns

The roast pork lo mein was delicious – no, I didn’t get a bowl of greasy noodles. The lo mein was seasoned perfectly with a generous amount of sliced, lean roast pork, bean sprouts, scallions, andvegetables.

At the end of the night, a big cloud of organic chai cotton candy and a Magic 8 Ball arrived at my table.

Overall, service is good. The quality of the food is great. The cocktails – I’ll have to try it another time. I was busy drinking a beerlao which filled me up, and didn’t allow for room for dessert, which I’ve heard is amazing.

China White currently has two open locations in Greenwich, CT and Purchase, NY.

China White Noodle Bar
249 Railroad Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830
Tel: 203-674-8577

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    thanks for posting this…i was JUST reading about in gwich mag + was thinking about checking it out.