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NYC’s Jamaican Dutchy

Yes, there’s a TV screen showing
Caribbean music videos

When you hear Jamaican Dutchy, several things come to the mind. One of them: the song by Musical Youth – “Pass The Dutchie.” The other could possibly be the food truck that’s hit the streets of NYC.

The Jamaican Dutchy was founded by O’Neill Reid a few years ago, and they were a 2009 Vendy Award Finalist. Originally located on 51st Street and 7th Avenue, you can now find their truck on the corner of 21st and Broadway or 38th Street between Broadway & 7th Ave, or better yet, track the truck’s whereabouts via Twitter (@jamaicandutchy).

My colleagues and I had to check it out the day they announced they were in the Flatiron District. We all ordered the Jerk Chicken, which, like other dishes, comes in a mini meal and large plate. Knowing how big servings are at Jamaican restaurants, I played it safe and got a Jerk Chicken mini meal consisting of 2 pieces of chicken with rice and peas, vegetables, and a fried plantain – all for $6.50. I’m glad I did, because it was more than enough for lunch.

If you can handle the bigger portion, get a large for $11. You’ll get about 3-4 pieces of chicken, more rice and peas, veggies, and plantains.

Jerk Chicken mini plate

The taste – I had some doubts on the heat level as I haven’t had a spicy Jerk Chicken in years. I guess I have a high heat tolerance. Anyway, the small serving of chicken I had definitely had a strong kick to it, most likely due to the scotch bonnet pepper sauce poured on top of it. It’s hot, but still edible and you can still taste the spices in the meat. The rice was perfect – fluffy and flavorful. The veggies were great – I wish I had more though.

My Jamaican friend also gave his stamp of approval for their Jerk Chicken – so it’s official.

Want a quick meal on the go? You can’t go wrong with a beef patty with coco bread, it’ll cost you $3.25. Just make a sandwich and you’re good to go. The beef patty is delicious – the shell isn’t greasy, and the beef is well-seasoned. The coco bread is good too.

Need a drink? Try the sorrel juice – it’s very sweet, and a bit thick. Normally it should be spiked with rum, but seltzer or water will do to make it less concentrated.

Oh, mind you, the service is not the greatest here. You could be next in line ready to order, and they will ignore you while they engage in a conversation. They’ll tend to you when they’re ready. The food makes up for it though. I can’t wait to try the other items on their menu, like the Escovitch Chicken and Oxtail Stew.

Beef Patty w/ Coco Bread
Large plate of Jerk Chicken

The Jamaican Dutchy
New York, NY
Tel: (718) 737-3836
Twitter: @jamaicandutchy

Jamaican Dutchy on Urbanspoon

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