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Stamford: Cafe Oo La La

Cafe Oo La La (Twitter handle @cafeoolala) is a modern cafe that recently opened in the Ridgeway Town Center in Stamford, CT.

They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I stopped by on a late Sunday morning. The doors, and sliding windows were open, and all the tables were taken. That was promising. Interior was chic and modern, like any other cafe I dine in when I’m in NYC.

Looking at the blackboards above the coffee bar, there was quite a menu – salad, baked goods, omelets, and a decent selection of coffee. Of course, what caught my eye was the omelet selection:

  • Greek (feta, anchovies, fresh tomato), $7.95
  • Spanish (potato, onion, green pepper), $7.95
  • Western (ham, onion, green pepper), $7.95
  • Southwestern (tomato, green pepper, onion, ham, cheddar, sour cream, salsa), $8.75
  • Denver (ham, bacon, red & green pepper, hot sauce), $7.95
  • Polish (onion, zucchini, shredded potato), $8.75
  • Farmers (sausage, onion, red pepper, tomato, jack), $8.50

We tried the Denver Omelet, $7.95 with an extra side of bacon and a large coffee at the counter and patiently waited at our table for the food to be served. One thing I noticed was the wrong food being brought to the wrong tables. My neighboring table was brought several items that they didn’t order. One remedy: a number plaque for the table, kinda like what they do at Cosi. I’d be quite frustrated if someone kept interrupting me during my meal to bring things I didn’t order.

Anyway, the omelet arrived with a decent serving. Hoping we’d have hash browns as ordered, we got a small cup of fresh fruit salad. The omelet was good. It was my fault for not asking it to be cooked well done, as how I normally like it. The bacon was crispy and meaty. I believe it was Applewood Smoked bacon, which I usually buy at Whole Foods. The multi-grain toast, was just plain toast. The coffee was a bit watery and was lacking flavor.

Denver Omelet

Overall, the food was good. I’d probably come back to try the quiche, which I overheard the manager describing the cooking process to one of the customers at the bar area. “Fresh ingredients…One hour to cook, 45 minutes to cool down” – now that’s the way to make quiche.

I’d like to try their pretty pastries as well, and their NY bagel, to see if it really is a NY bagel.

Cafe Oo La La
2325 Summer Street
Stamford, CT 06905
Tel: (203) 353-3300

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    Love this place -great food, great atmosphere