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Hilo, HI: Cafe 100

Menu at Cafe 100
Super Loco, $5.25
Loco Moco is basically an oh-so-good dish made up of hamburger patties, eggs and rice smothered with hot gravy. You can view my recipe that I shared earlier this year.

In Hilo, Cafe 100 is a favorite spot amongst locals for a great loco moco. The menu includes daily plate lunch specials and all the local grinds. But wait til you see the Loco Moco Family of over 15 options, including regular loco moco, super loco moco, and more!

With so many options, low prices, and an empty stomach, it was difficult to decide what to order. Fortunately, I had three other diners in my group, so all got different dishes to share.

Here’s the loco experience:

Chili & Rice, $2.25

Super Loco – There was a hand-drawn picture on the window advertising the Super Loco – a patty with 2 eggs, Spam and Portuguese sausage, potato-mac salad, rice, and brown gravy. Couldn’t beat that. Pictured right, we smothered it with hot sauce – can’t have eggs without hot sauce right? Wowie that was good stuff. The best loco moco I’ve ever had. And I’ve eaten loco moco on almost all the Hawaiian islands.

I also ordered a side of Chili & Rice. I read from other patrons that you have to try their chili. Definitely not like the traditional chili I’ve had elsewhere, or even cooked at home. Definitely much better. Or was it because I was in my food-is-oh-so-good moment where I was Mmm-ing everything. But chili and rice is such an awesome combination – you can’t go wrong, especially for a small bowl costing $2.25.

Portuguese Bean Soup, $2.95
Hilo Boy and Super Loco

Hilo Boy – 2 scoop rice, Fried Chicken, Beef Teri, Stew, Potato-Mac salad. $7.25. Not so bad, but an artery clogger. =X

Portuguese Bean Soup – portuguese sausage and beans married together and served in a small bowl. Only $2.95. Worth trying.

I can’t remember what else we ordered, but we did head back for seconds to bring back to the Kona side.

If you’re in Hilo, be sure to stop by.

An extra order for the road 😉

Cafe 100
969 Kilauea Ave
Hilo, HI 96744

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