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Le Cartet serves amazing brunch in Montréal

Le Cartet is a beautiful restaurant and market located in Old Montréal known for its brunch. During our recent trip to Montréal, we couldn’t help but dine here two days in a row. The restaurant has high ceilings, industrial style walls, and modern décor. In the middle of the restaurant are two large wooden communal tables where on a busy weekend morning it’ll look like a fantastic display of gorgeous brunch plates with colorful fruits, golden brown croissants, and bright yellow yolks of poached eggs.

Brunch Sucre at Le Cartet in Montreal

Brunch Sucre

The brunch menu at Le Cartet is fit for those with big and small appetites – from freshly baked goods to fruit platters to classic big breakfast items. There are six main brunch plates to choose from which is served with an amuse bouche, an assortment of fruits, and choice of beverage (a glass of fresh orange juice or cup of illy coffee). Add $6 for a delicious Mimosa.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we recommend Le Brunch Sucré. For about $16, you get a crepes with blueberries and citrus fruit zest, French toast with honey, hazelnut and raisins served with blueberries, apple butter + ginger organic granola with cashew nuts, and a ramekin of yogurt and blueberries. If that wasn’t sweet enough for you, fresh sweet cream and maple syrup are served in small cups.

Petit Cafe Mocha at Le Cartet in Montreal

Petit Cafe Mocha


Brunch des Cantons is another great dish to try. Roasted Potatoes in Duck Fat, scrambled eggs with country style ham, sausage, bacon, and baked beans are served in a hot cast iron skillet.

Brunch Cartet is scrambled egg, ham and goat cheese croissant sandwich, salmon cake, organic cheddar sticks, fig and a lightly dressed mesclun salad. The salmon cake is made with sweet potatoes and flakes of salmon. The croissant sandwich was our favorite item with the buttery, flaky croissant and creamy goat cheese.

Brunch Cartet at Le Cartet in Montreal

Brunch Cartet

Of course, if you don’t want such a big brunch you can order off the a la carte menu. We made our own plate with a ham and cheese

Salad, Ham and Cheese Croissant and baked beans at Le Cartet in Montreal

Salad, Ham and Cheese Croissant and baked beans

If you don’t have time for brunch, you can grab some of their prepacked meals in the market section of their store. They also sell chocolate, coffee, tea, oils, and other gourmet grocery items.

Tip: If you don’t speak French ask for an English menu.

Le Cartet
106 Rue McGill
Montreal, QC H2Y2E5
Tel: (514) 871-8887

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