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Curaçao cuisine

Curaçao is an island of many cultures and offers a large selection of flavorful restaurants. The island presents a wide variety of international as well as local cuisine. The local food is called Krioyo, the Papiamento word meaning “Creole.” Local cuisine is a mixture of European, West-Indian and East Asian flavors. Actually, if you drive around the island, you’ll notice many Asian restaurants and markets.

Krioyo dishes are hearty meals, usually including fried plantains, aros moro (rice and beans), and funchi, a polenta-like dish. Stews are made not only with the traditional meat and chicken, but also with goat, konkomber (a spiky cucumber), green papayas, and even iguana. One of my favorite dishes is a pumpkin stew cooked with cinnamon.

Seafood dishes include conch stew, bakiou (salted cod) and scabechi, a pickled salted fish. Fried whole red snapper topped with a tomato, onion and green pepper sauce is also a popular dish. An essential condiment is fresh pika, a very hot pepper and onion relish.

You can try local dishes at MarsheBieuw (the Old Market) in Punda. While you’re in town, check out the famous Floating Market. At the Floating Market, Venezuelan merchants sail from their country, about 40 miles south, to sell fresh fruits and vegetables from their small fishing boats. Though I didn’t purchase anything, I thought it was a nice sight to see.

The Floating Market

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  • Maggie Ray

    Wish they have a floating market here in my city. The experience would be epic but sadly food delivery is the thing when it comes to food here.