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Honolulu: Yogur Story

One of my favorite breakfast spots on Oahu is Yogur Story, a multi-level restaurant located near Sorabol. I found out about them from the Star Advertisers Ilima Awards and had my local foodie friend, Janina, reconfirm if this was a place worth checking out, and it was. Yes, sometimes I doubt mass publications and their reviews, so a foodie’s recommendation is a better source.

Per her recommendation, we ordered a feast for brunch, which wasn’t a bad treat after hiking Diamond Head early in the morning – Fat Pig Fried Rice, Red Carpet Waffle, and a Cobb Omelet and a couple beverages to wash it down.

Ah, Fat Pig Fried Rice. What a name. For $9.50, you get a big serving of pork fried rice with all the good stuff – bacon, ham, and pork adobo topped with julienne egg crepe. The rice was great; wasn’t greasy, and just had all the pork a pork lover could ever want. I didn’t notice it earlier, but they also sell The Oinker – Fat Pig Fried Rice, Portuguese sausage and two sunny side eggs for $13.95.

Interior of Yogur Story
Fat Pig Fried Rice

The Cobb Omelet, $11.95, was by far, the best omelet I ever had. It’s essentially an omelet with the ingredients of a Cobb salad, sans the lettuce. I’ve never had an omelet like this – diced chicken, smoked bacon, bleu cheese, and tomato, topped with avocado, and served with a side of fruits and roasted herb potatoes. Truly the breakfast of champions for omelet lovers. I was worried the inside of the omelet would be soggy, as once again, I forgot to request the omelet be cooked well done. To my surprise, the omelet was cooked perfectly – not too dry, and not too moist as how omelets usually are.

Cobb Omelet
The Red Carpet Waffle, $9.95, is a tasty treat off the waffle menu which is served all day. It’s a red velvet waffle topped with taro cream cheese and red velvet croutons (yup, croutons), and drizzled with Belgian chocolate sauce. Doesn’t that make your mouth water. I’m sure the photo below will too. It’s as good as it sounds, so do try it when you’re here.
Red Carpet Waffle

Off the drinks menu, we had one of Yogur Story’s flavored iced teas and flavored lemonade. The winner: Passion Fruit Lemonade, $3.95 – a little bit of sweet, a tad bit of sour – just the right combination to pair with any of Yogur Story’s wonderful creations.

Yogur Story is a great place to enjoy brunch, or even waffles any time of the day. There is enough space between tables so you won’t feel cramped. Service is great. Food is awesome. What more can you ask for?

Yogur Story
815 Keeaumoku St.
Honolulu, HI 96814
Tel: (808) 942-0505

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  • Adoboloco

    Next time I’m on Oahu…I’m stopping by. Looks to good to miss this one.

    • denise

      Luv Yogur Story. We went there on our last day on Oahu. Dying to go back =)