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Kauai Wild Boar & Fruit Stand

We stopped by the Anahola Farmers Market to get mango bread, but wound up going to Kauai Wild Boar & Fruit Stand. They sell fresh fruits and vegetables including pineapples, breadfruit, avocados, guava, and other local produce. If you’re here, and no one is around, just pay for the fruits on an honor system: put the money in a jar and grab your picks.

Excited to see wild boar on the menu, I sampled a piece of wild boar topped with a slice of breadfruit with barbecue sauce drizzled on top. It was so delicious, I had to order a plate lunch of it. For $10 plus tax, you get a big serving of wild boar, roasted potatoes, buttered corn on the cob, and breadfruit. The plate is enough for 2 to share. The meat was lean and did not have a gamey taste, as what I expected. Maybe it was because the sweet and tangy barbecue sauce that they poured on top of it. The breadfruit had a texture and taste similar to yuca. The corn was sweet and delicious.

More about the wild boar… the meat is USDA inspected before it’s cooked. Yes, we asked the friendly vendor, and there is a sign on the menu that says this.

They also have Huli Huli Chicken with roasted potatoes and buttered corn on the cob for $10 plus tax. You can also order the corn or potatoes on the side for $3 each.

Kauai Wild Boar & Fruit Stand is open Friday – Sunday on Kuhio Hwy & Hokualele Rd.

Kauai Wild Boar & Fruit Stand
Kuhio Hwy & Hokualele Rd
Anahola, HI 96754

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