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Montréal: Resto la Banquise

When in Montréal, poutine is a must try. Poutine is a dish made with French fries and fresh cheese curds smothered with brown gravy or sauce. In the Plateau neighborhood, there’s a well known restaurant that serves over 20 kinds of poutine – Resto la Banquise.

As sinful as it sounds, poutine is quite tasty, especially when paired with beer. It sits heavy afterward, so walk around the area for a bit to digest all that goodness you’ve eaten.

Resto la Banquise sells poutine in 2 sizes: regular and large. If you’re with a group, I recommend getting a large size and sharing. The regular size (pictured below) is more than enough for one person. If you’re vegetarian, they’ve got a poutine dish for you too.

Poutine 3 Amigos – hot dogs, pork and beef sausage, Merguez sausage
Poutine Mart – Hot Dogs, Bacon, Mushrooms
Poutine Hot Dog
Poutine T-Rex – ground beef, pepperoni, bacon, and hot dog

There are outdoor tables, but you they won’t serve you beer.
Be prepared to wait to get a table.

Resto la Banquise
994 Rue Rachel E
Montréal, QC H2J
Tel: (514) 525-2415

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    This food really looks delicious and i like the idea of eating in outdoor tables.