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NYC: Kimchi Taco Truck

You may have heard of Korilla BBQ and now you’re wondering why another Korean taco truck? Seems like Korean tacos are all the rage these days – from small shops to food trucks. Well, there’s KimChi Tacos, a truck that rolled through the streets of NYC in March with a Korean-Mexican hybrid menu – all with kimchi.

On the menu…

KimChi Tacos topped with Asian Pico de Gallo, Fresh Kimchi, Green Onion on Toasted Corn Tortilla, priced at 3 Tacos for $7 or 4 Tacos for $9 with your choice of:

  • Grilled Korean BBQ Beef – Kimchi Taco’s Signature Marinade
  • Seared Pork – Korean Spiced Pork Tenderloin marinated with Red Pepper Paste
  • Pulled Chicken – Slow Cooked Shredded Chicken lightly sautéed with Red Wine Soy Sauce Reduction
  • Tofu Edamame Falafel – Ground Tofu, Edamame and Chickpeas flavored with Signature Asian Spices topped with Zesty Kimchi Yogurt Sauce

KimChi Bowls for $8 and Kim-Cheesesteaks for $7.

I tried the pork, beef and chicken. All were delicious, but my favorites were the pork and beef. Very flavorful and had the right amount of kick. There was no need for more hot sauce which you can pour into mini-containers to-go.

Pork, Beef and Chicken tacos

Follow KimChi Truck’s whereabouts via:

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  • Chris @ Shared Appetite

    I love the Kimchi Taco Truck! My favorite are the BBQ Nachos. For only $4, it’s a great deal… they have both the beef and pork in the nachos. Definitely try it the next time you spot the truck! I actually just did a review of Kimchi Taco on my site!