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Goya Celebrates Its 75th Birthday with the Match Your Birthday! Game

Goya is one of the essential brands you’ll find in my pantry, including Sazón, Adobo, canned beans, Canilla rice, and Sofrito. I learned how to cook classic Latin dishes from my best friend, Candice, because one of the things we did together was teach each other how to cook dishes from our native countries. Arroz con gandules, arroz con pollo, Picadillo, empanadas, and chuletas are some of the dishes I picked up during childhood. All these meals were prepared using mostly Goya products because of the quality and taste. Thankfully I still remember how to prepare them. If I forget a step in the process, I refer to Goya.com‘s recipe section.

Decades have passed and I still use Goya products. Their product lineup is still the same, with some additions over the years. One important thing is the quality is still there. After all these years, I’m glad to see that this year Goya is celebrating its 75th year in business, an important milestone for a family-run business.

To celebrate its 75th birthday, Goya has launched a mega-promotion – the Match Your Birthday! Game.  It consists of an online game, on-pack game, mail-in sweepstakes and Goya’s Greatest Fan video/photo/essay contest. In total, there are ten different opportunities for participants to potentially win $75,000! Consumers can also receive a special Goya 75th Birthday Gift Pack just by playing either the online or – on-pack game.

Happy Birthday Goya!

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