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Spring Valley, NY: Latin Star Restaurant

After watching an episode of Andrew Zimmern’s show Bizarre Foods Puerto Rico, I decided to go to Latin Star, a great Latino food cheap eats spot in Spring Valley, NY (Rockland County). They’ve been open for many years, and many locals dine here. I’ve been a patron for over 10 years. It may be hard to spot if this is your first time coming to the area – it’s in the complex that has a Dunkin’ Donuts, Mexican restaurant, and barber shop.

Most dishes are under $9 – generous portions enough for 2 people. Plates are generally a protein, salad, rice and beans. You might wanna spend a couple bucks for a side order of tostones (fried green plantains) or platanos (fried sweet yellow bananas).

The common dishes are excellent – chicken stew, beef stew or Pernil (roast pork). My guilty pleasure is the chicharones de pollo (fried chicken chunks). An order of this is about $8 and is served with salad and a hefty serving of yellow or white rice and beans – red or black.

Fried Chicken Chunks
Beef sandwich
We also tried their beef sandwich – thin slices of beef grilled until well done, served in a pressed buttered Dominican-style French bread. The meat is a bit tough – what quality would you expect for $4.50.
Great food. Great portions. Great value.

Latin Star
288 N Main St
Spring Valley, NY 10977

Latin Star on Urbanspoon

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