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Norwalk, CT: Masas

Masas is a Venezuelan restaurant in Norwalk, CT that sells delicious arepas, chachapas, and sandwiches. I first learned of this place from CT Bites, and I instantly reminisced of my trip to Colombia, and the arepas I had there.

I ordered the Pollo Arepa (Shredded Chicken) and Pernil Arepa (Roast Pork), with a side of Yuca Frita (fried cassava). The arepas were delicious, and very filling – not bad for a meal under $5.

What’s an arepa?
An arepa is a dish made of ground corn dough or precooked corn flour popular in both Colombia and Venezuela.

The arepas at Masas are cooked when you order them, so expect a wait time of 10-15 minutes until your meal is served. But nothing beats a fresh arepa – especially theirs – grill marks and all. The outside of the arepa is slightly crispy, and the inside is soft and warm, even until you reach the last bite.

And now the filling:

  • The pollo (shredded chicken) is very mild, but flavorful. I think it would taste better if it had more spice.
  • The pernil needed flavor so I asked for some green cilantro dressing, and to my surprise, they didn’t have any. And so my fried yuca was naked – sigh. It also needed salt.

Despite the fail with no green cilantro dressing, I would still come back.

Top: Pollo arepa
Bottom: Pernil arepa

330 Westport Ave
Norwalk, CT

NOTE: It may be hard to find the location because their awning has been stripped apart – you’ll only see an ‘M’ – I found it because it had the Venezuelan flag on the window.

Masas on Urbanspoon

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