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Montréal: La Maison Kam Fung

La Maison Kam Fung is a favorite amongst the locals for dim sum and Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. Located on Rue St-Urbain in Chinatown, this restaurant is accessible via the Metro (Station Place-d’Armes) or within a 10 minute walk from neighboring hotels in Old Montréal.

I don’t recall how we found the restaurant, but I might give credit to my Yelp app on my phone.

Just like any other dim sum restaurant, various dishes are circulated around in carts. One thing I could not see enough of was the baked barbeque pork buns (pictured, left). Almost every cart had them, so we gave in, and tried them. They were actually pretty good, and not loaded with fat.

Other dishes I’ve tried are the usual Rouleau de nouille de riz aux crevettes
(Rice noodle roll with shrimp), Dumpling aux crevettes
(Shrimp dumplings, or har gow), Soufflé de taro au porc (Taro puff with pork stuffing), and other random dim sum dishes.

Overall the food was pretty good. Of course, I’ll say my favorite dim sum is closer to home (in either Chinatown, NYC or Fort Lee, NJ). Prices were average for dim sum. I believe our bill (for two) totaled under $30, and we eat a lot.

Locals that sat next to us, ordered extras and packed it to go, so it is indeed a winner in the area.

Although I’ve only dined here once, I recommend getting to the restaurant early, especially on the weekends. The lines begin to form around 11am and I’ve read that some patrons have waited over an hour to eat at Kam Fung.

Kam Fung
1111 Rue St-Urbain
Montréal, QC H2Z 1Y6

Kam Fung on Urbanspoon

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